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Have you heard about LONPOS puzzle?

Most brain-teasing games are designed with a certain level of difficulty – either it is too easy for adults, like the 10-piece jigsaw puzzles, or too difficult, like the Rubiks Cube that very few can solve.  Most players either lose interest because it is too easy or feel frustrated because it is too difficult to solve. 


Are you looking for a puzzle game that anyone can play, but still offers plenty to master? Look no further than LONPOS, it is a fantastic award winning game that has received a huge amount of attention around the world.  LONPOS is the result of many years of research and development to create a fun, enjoyable and challenging brain exercise game for all ages. 


Beware, LONPOS is a very addictive game, so it’s the perfect game to return to again and again.  Play it against yourself or have great fun when two or more players compete with each other to see who can finish a game first. 


LONPOS is an innovative game that enhances hand-eye coordination, improves cognitive logic skills, and trains short-term memory.  Playing the LONPOS is like doing a Yoga exercise with your brain.  It tickles your brain with an easy level puzzle that you can solve in a minute.  But don’t be fooled – it is just a warm up exercise to prepare you for more challenging puzzles ahead.  When you play the more challenging level puzzles, it will give your brain a good stretch for hours, even days.  But when you complete the puzzle, you will feel like a genius with a fantastic sense of achievement and you're ready to move onto the next puzzle.